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The members of the consortium have been selected for their respective world-leading expertise in their areas and for their complementarity with the other partners. Scientific and technical challenges of this project are more demanding than those encountered within a single discipline, necessatating a multidisciplinary approach. All these requirements are met by the V-SMMART Nano consortium, which is composed of three SMEs (Bio Nano Consulting, MC2 GmbH and Nanoworld Services GmbH), one large company (Agilent Technologies), one RTD performer (National Physical Laboratory) and two research institutions (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche and Fundació Privada Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya), carrying out top quality fundamental and applied research activities.

The consortium meets at regular intervals to ensure that tasks are executed, experiments performed and results recorded in accordance with our scientific strategy and that our overall objectives are being met.  Alongside this we are working together to identify the most appropriate ways to exploit our results, via means such as technology transfer and patenting relevant aspects of the project. The consortium is also supported by an External Advisory Board who assist in the general project meetings and analyse the general development and results of the project. The consortium coordinator is Bio Nano Consulting.